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130// The science of breathing, with Dr. James Hull

You’re breathing, I’m breathing. But neither of us is probably thinking about our breathing right now. Do you ever think about your breathing during your workouts or races? Do you ever wonder if you should be “training” the act of breathing as a skill? Or whether you should do something differently during rest and recovery, […]

By Chris Case
September 24, 2020

129// Q&A on weight loss and metabolism, MTB descending, and 5×5 interval types, with new head coach Ryan Kohler

In today’s episode, we formally introduce our new head coach, Ryan Kohler, and put him in the spotlight for a classic Q&A. (Don’t worry, Trevor is not going anywhere! He’s merely stuck in isolation amid the tundra of northern Ontario at the moment.)      Ryan brings a wealth of experience as both coach and nutritionist […]

By Chris Case
September 17, 2020

128 // Roundtable on coaching beginner athletes versus veteran athletes

In today’s episode, we’ve assembled a fantastic group of coaches to discuss the differences, similarities, nuances, and challenges of coaching beginner athletes versus veteran amateurs.     This episode is filled with myriad topics, all related to the coach-athlete relationship. And it starts by defining some terms. What constitutes a beginner, and a veteran? Can you […]

By Chris Case
September 9, 2020

127 //Overreaching, overtraining, and burnout with Dr. Stephen Seiler

This week, our favorite physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler is back on the program to talk about something that many of us get wrong: the distinction between overtraining, overreaching, and burnout. Often these terms are used synonymously, but there are many nuanced differences between these conditions, and that’s what we’ll explore in today’s episode.      We’ll […]

By Chris Case
September 2, 2020

126 // Q&A on fatigue, peaking, returning from injury, and nutrition, with guest coach Julie Young

Our guest coach this week is Julie Young, who has appeared before on Fast Talk—episode 91, to be exact. Julie is a former professional cyclist turned coach. Her road racing career stretched over a decade with teams including Saturn and Timex. She continues to race today at a very high level across multiple disciplines, and […]

By Chris Case
August 26, 2020

125 // Put it in the big gear—we explore low-cadence, high-torque training with Neal Henderson

You’ve heard us talk about so-called “big gear” training on the program before. Many of you probably incorporate it into your riding, and for a variety of reasons.   What’s surprising is how little research has been done on this low-cadence, high-torque riding. Even the definition of what constitutes “low-cadence” remains hazy. And there are as […]

By Chris Case
August 20, 2020

124 // How to map out your season, with Toms Skujins, Kiel Reijnen, Joey Rosskopf, and Larry Warbasse

Today, we’re digging into the archive for some season-planning knowledge. Why now when our seasons have been demolished? Because it’s never too early to start soaking in the wisdom of seasoned veterans on how to best map out any season, particularly next year’s.  Trevor did several great interviews with four top pros—Toms Skujins, Kiel Reijnen, […]

By Chris Case
August 12, 2020

123 // Performance gains and adaptations from fasted training, with Dr. Brian Carson  

Have you ever woken up early in the morning to go for a ride, skipped breakfast, and thought, “I wonder if that was bad for my training? Or maybe it was good?!” In today’s episode, we try to decipher if there are any advantages or disadvantages to occasionally riding, or exercising in general, in a […]

By Chris Case
August 6, 2020

122 // Mission impossible: determining your true threshold

What is it that is nearly universally included in every piece of correspondence we receive? It’s some indication of a listener’s “threshold.” Often that figure is stated as if it is an absolute or as if it’s 100-percent accurate. And that’s what we want to address today: How accurate are these numbers, really? It turns […]

By Chris Case
July 30, 2020

121 // Should you build the best engine or focus on specificity, with Jim Miller

I’ll set the stage for today’s episode with an analogy. And apologies to those of you who don’t enjoy our car engine analogies; alas, we’re sticking with it on this episode. We ask the simple question: Which has the greatest chance of consistently producing the best performances: a powerful, finely-tuned, race-inspired engine—take your pick from […]

By Chris Case
July 22, 2020