• The information and perspective on cycling shoes alone justifies five stars. Funny and witty discussion of cycling is great. A must listen.

    Deb Hansen Cycling in Alignment listener
  • Come for the vast depth of technical know-how; stay for the hilarious stories and genuinely witty repartee. 

    Alex Bartowzski Cycling in Alignment listener
  • Colby has not only started a great podcast on cycling, it is an excellent podcast on improving your life, both physically and mentally. His knowledge, and that of his guests, are fresh and interesting. Looking forward to future episodes.

    Chris Cowens Cycling in Alignment listener

12 // Jessi Stensland, Freedom of the Beautiful Robot

Jessi Stensland, the creator of FeetFreex, a website designed to help people connect with their healthy, strong feet, and re-establish a connection with nature. Thanks for coming along with us to experience Jessi’s powerful journey and listen to the lessons she’s discovered along the way. She has deeply developed her relationship with her body in […]

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11 // Aaron Anderson Orthotics and Footbeds

Your feet are a critical component to the cycling experience. Proper alignment between feet and body is one of the keys to both power and comfort on a bike. Because of the repetitive motion of pedaling, any issues you might have are compounded by the thousands of kilometers you endure, and you can quickly exacerbate […]

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10 // Work-Life Balance in the Context of Cycling

Today on Cycling in Alignment we take a step back, off the bike, to focus on the alignment of your mental state. Every activity can be classified as “yin” or “yang” according to ancient Chinese philosophy. You’ve likely seen the interlaced black and white circle representative of this philosophy; the symbol illustrates how seemingly opposite […]

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7 // Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of EF Education First Pro Cycling Team

Long-time friends, training partners, and competitors, Jonathan Vaughters and Colby Pearce have a deep racing history and relationship. With decades of experience in pro cycling, they have gained many insights about training, coaching, and the trajectory of the sport. Colby and JV first discuss their early training techniques, taught to them by their first cycling […]

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6 // Expansion on Metrics and Formulas

The topic of formulas and their inherent value has been mentioned previously on Cycling In Alignment. This short bonus episode is meant to clarify that formulas are a useful starting point in cycling and training. Formulas can help you race a faster time trial, to gauge how many bottles per hour you need to consume […]

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5 // Nikki Costello – ELDOA and the Importance of Fascia

Nikki Costello is a lifestyle coach with the CHEK Institute and operator of MyWholeBody. She has worked with Dr. Mark Barnes at SOMA Physical Therapy on the rehabilitation of whole-body health, and specializes in working with pre- and post-natal women. She is also an experienced ELDOA teacher—in English, it stands for Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching—a […]

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4// Charlie Merrill – The Psycho-Social Considerations of Pain

Charlie Merrill, a physical therapist and Tabi shoe enthusiast, takes a deep dive on pain in this week’s episode of Cycling in Alignment. Injury can have a devastating impact on many athletes. The conversation covers how and why so many individuals have dealt with some aspect of pain in their time of athletic pursuit. Colby […]

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3 // Allen Lim, Cultivating the Environment of Coaching

Dr. Allen Lim, the founder of Skratch Labs, is today’s esteemed podcast philosopher. With his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Lim continues to pioneer new practices in sports physiology and applied training. He is one of the few who will sometimes say that the science is B.S., and that metrics, and the interpretation thereof, […]

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2 // Nathan Haas, Connection with Nature

When strict stay-at-home orders first struck Spain months ago, Nathan Haas, who rides for the Cofidis WorldTour team, was at his adopted home in Girona. Colby Pearce, who has known Nathan for many years, shared a deep conversation about their longing for nature, made ever more vivid and poignant due to the Australian’s confinement in […]

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1 // Introduction to Cycling in Alignment with Colby Pearce

Welcome to Cycling in Alignment. I’m your host, Colby Pearce. My passion, dream, and goal is to help people express their highest potential by illuminating a path that enables alignment with truth and coherence in their lives. Ultimately, through this podcast, I aspire to provide a platform for useful insight and discussion around cycling and […]

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