By Chris Case
February 10, 2020

96 // Bonus analysis of pedaling dynamics with Colby Pearce

Today we’re pulling from the Fast Labs vault to hear from one of our favorite guests, Colby Pearce. We asked Colby a very simple question: Tell us what you know about the pedal stroke. We anticipated an intelligent, albeit relatively short answer. What Colby gave us was a monologue of gold, and highlights why we’re so excited that he’ll be launching his own show later this month.

Yes, that’s right, we are very happy to say that Colby is the newest member of the Fast Labs family. Look for Colby’s new show in the coming weeks. We’ll feature him first on the Fast Labs channel, and subsequently on his own channel.

We also caught up with reigning U.S. national road race champion, Ruth Winder, of Trek-Segafredo for more on how to train the pedal stroke, on and off the bike.

Primary Guest
Colby Pearce: bike fitting expert, coach, and holder of the 45-49 world master’s hour record

Secondary Guest
Ruth Winder: U.S. national road race champion with Trek-Segafredo


2 responses to “96 // Bonus analysis of pedaling dynamics with Colby Pearce”

  1. Jonathan Cano says:

    I like Colby’s exposition on foot position (down force, ankling, foot position and hamstrings) so much. I was looking for this information in the internet a year ago and could not find any good info on foot position and ankling, and here Colby hits all my questions. You could have ended the episode with him dropping the mic after that.

    • Chris Case says:

      Thanks for the note, Jonathan. We’re really happy to hear that Colby answered so many of your questions all at once. What’s even more exciting is that Colby has been in the studio a lot lately; he’ll be launching his own show within the Fast Labs network very soon. Stay tuned!

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