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Four days of physiological testing, biomechanical analysis, and coaching once reserved only for the best pro cyclists and triathletes in the world. Now, we bring it to you.

*DUE TO COVID-19 and its impact on our lives, the camps are on hold until 2021*

We’re proud to introduce the Fast Labs Performance Experience Training Camps. Combining our devotion to science with our passion for sport, we’ve developed a world-class experience modeled after WorldTour team camps, typically reserved for the most elite cyclists and triathletes. Now, you can benefit from all of the physiological, metabolic, biomechanical, and nutritional expertise that we have gathered to take your cycling to the next level. Working with our partners at the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center, your visit to Boulder will include four days of laboratory testing, lectures by prominent specialists, and, of course, riding in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.



  • Lactate testing
  • Body composition scan
  • Resting metabolic rate

The heart of the physiological testing will be the metabolic test, the gold standard for assessing an athlete’s physiological attributes. Using a protocol developed by the Center over a decade of testing, physiologists will determine your lactate threshold heart rate and power, as well as your aerobic threshold heart rate and power. Because you will be connected to a metabolic cart, oxygen consumption/carbon dioxide exhalation will be measured allowing for an assessment of carbohydrate/fat utilization. This physiological assessment, comprising a lactate profile with oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange analysis, will give you the most comprehensive picture of your physiology. With this data, the team of physiologists can customize training zones in relation to power, pace, heart rate, and perceived exertion, tailored to your unique profile. We can also suggest ideal race paces, power outputs, and heart rate targets. The results of this test will also help you understand how much carbohydrate and fat your body burns (in grams per minute and calories per hour). This will allow you to gain insight into the energy systems and metabolic pathways you utilize for your performance. Following your assessment, you will meet with your exercise physiologist to review the data, discuss how to apply that newfound knowledge to your individual goals, take a deep dive into your strengths and weaknesses and where to target your training, and discuss any pertinent questions you have. You will receive a complete report that covers all aspects of your evaluation, plus individualized training intensities and fueling recommendations for peak performance. Of note, since many athletes will be coming from sea level, altitude will impact their power numbers. Luckily, the impact is consistent, so for these athletes, there is a simple test they can do when they get home that will allow them to “translate” the power numbers to sea level values. In addition to the metabolic test, all athletes will undergo a body composition scan. This simple test will give you insight into your state of hydration, muscle mass, and any imbalances that may exist. Finally, each athlete’s resting metabolic rate will be tested. This simple, non-invasive test accurately measures how many calories you burn at rest. During the test, a machine captures and analyzes the composition of your breath, determining your oxygen consumption, to measure the rate at which you consume energy.


The University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center is one of the best facilities of its kind in the world.


From exercise physiology to nutrition and biomechanics, the staff of the Performance Center are leading experts in their fields.


After testing is complete, the real fun begins. Data analysis will help you better understand your unique physiological and biomechanical attributes.


  • Retul bike fit
  • 3D motion-capture movement analysis

In order to maximize performance and reap the full benefits of the physiological testing, each athlete will undergo several tests to assess his or her optimal bike fit and overall biomechanical health.First, you will do a one-on-one Retul bike fit with a master fitter, who has trained and worked with leading experts in the field for decades. A computer analysis of pedal stroke is included in the fit. A saddle pressure map analysis will determine how you interact with your bike. Finally, your optimal position for performance, comfort, and health will be determined through adjustment to position, saddle, cleats, shoes, handlebars, and pedals. All of our bike fits are based on a thorough pre-fit examination by the cycling biomechanist or a medical professional. Your bike will be fitted based on movement patterns and range of motion to suit your style of riding and optimize comfort and performance. Additionally, you will perform a Physimax test. This motion-capture system detects movements as you perform a series of dynamic motions, including jumps and squats. The results provide an objective evaluation of your ability to move off the bike, which will be used to analyze strength imbalances, injury susceptibility, and other inefficiencies that can affect performance. Importantly, the bike fit and biomechanical analysis will help determine if you need additional services with a physical therapist or physician. As such, the fit and Physimax test will take place on the first day of the camp, to allow for those “a la carte” options on day 2.


  • Retul bike fit
  • 3D motion-capture movement analysis

No performance experience would be complete without some big rides. And there are few better places to ride than Colorado. Throughout the camp, there will be several opportunities to ride the beautiful roads of Boulder. You’ll soon understand why so many world-class cyclists call this mountain town home.All rides will have full support, with follow vehicles, rider leaders, and nutrition provided. Based on the strength of the riders, we will tailor our routes to the level of the group (or groups). While in Boulder you’ll stay at “team housing” in Boulder to give you the full WorldTour team experience. It also allows you to cool down, relax, and enjoy nightly presentations by leading experts in the comfort of your team house. Some meals will be prepared at the house, and for others we’ll explore town.


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