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130// The science of breathing, with Dr. James Hull

You’re breathing, I’m breathing. But neither of us is probably thinking about our breathing right now. Do you ever think about your breathing during your workouts or races? Do you ever wonder if you should be “training” the act of breathing as a skill? Or whether you should do something differently during rest and recovery, […]

By Chris Case
September 24, 2020
Chris CAse

19 // How to Pedal a Bike with Chris Case

In today’s episode, Colby Pearce, a Steve Hogg Certified bike fitter, sits down with Chris Case, host of Fast Talk, to dissect the minutiae of how to pedal a bike. Saddle position, ankling, dead legged drills, plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot, all of this and much more is unpacked in today’s episode.    […]

By Jana
September 22, 2020

129// Q&A on weight loss and metabolism, MTB descending, and 5×5 interval types, with new head coach Ryan Kohler

In today’s episode, we formally introduce our new head coach, Ryan Kohler, and put him in the spotlight for a classic Q&A. (Don’t worry, Trevor is not going anywhere! He’s merely stuck in isolation amid the tundra of northern Ontario at the moment.)      Ryan brings a wealth of experience as both coach and nutritionist […]

By Chris Case
September 17, 2020

18 // Paul Chek, The Evolution of the Athlete

Greetings and salutations, listeners. I am so excited for today’s show, the guest is none other than Paul Chek. I have been a student of Paul’s for a few years now, and I am so grateful and honored he has taken time to speak to my audience.  Paul Chek has been an exercise coach for […]

By Jana
September 15, 2020

17 // Six Foundational Principles

In his continued efforts to help you find balance between life and sport, in this episode, Colby focuses on the six foundational principles of a well-balanced life, as prescribed by Paul Chek of the Chek Institute. As a proponent of Chek’s methods and philosophy, Colby will walk through the practical applications of each of these […]

By Jana
September 9, 2020

128 // Roundtable on coaching beginner athletes versus veteran athletes

In today’s episode, we’ve assembled a fantastic group of coaches to discuss the differences, similarities, nuances, and challenges of coaching beginner athletes versus veteran amateurs.     This episode is filled with myriad topics, all related to the coach-athlete relationship. And it starts by defining some terms. What constitutes a beginner, and a veteran? Can you […]

By Chris Case
September 9, 2020

127 //Overreaching, overtraining, and burnout with Dr. Stephen Seiler

This week, our favorite physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler is back on the program to talk about something that many of us get wrong: the distinction between overtraining, overreaching, and burnout. Often these terms are used synonymously, but there are many nuanced differences between these conditions, and that’s what we’ll explore in today’s episode.      We’ll […]

By Chris Case
September 2, 2020

16 // Jess Elliott Strength and Conditioning TAG Performance

Jess Elliott is an experienced strength and conditioning coach working at EXOS, and as an affiliate faculty member at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Jess is here to help you understand why it is so important to make time for off-the-bike strength and conditioning work. The low-impact aspect of cycling is advantageous to your body […]

By Jana
September 1, 2020

15 // Fundamentals of Cycling

The fundamentals of cycling are simple; even small children do it. Yet it’s vital that we occasionally revisit the core principles of our favorite sport. In this episode of Cycling in Alignment, Colby outlines many of the key components of cycling, including the physical characteristics that make for great cyclists. He also ponders the question: […]

By Jana
August 26, 2020

125 // Put it in the big gear—we explore low-cadence, high-torque training with Neal Henderson

You’ve heard us talk about so-called “big gear” training on the program before. Many of you probably incorporate it into your riding, and for a variety of reasons.   What’s surprising is how little research has been done on this low-cadence, high-torque riding. Even the definition of what constitutes “low-cadence” remains hazy. And there are as […]

By Chris Case
August 20, 2020