125 // Put it in the big gear—we explore low-cadence, high-torque training with Neal Henderson

You’ve heard us talk about so-called “big gear” training on the program before. Many of you probably incorporate it into your riding, and for a variety of reasons.   What’s surprising is how little research has been done on this low-cadence, high-torque riding. Even the definition of what constitutes “low-cadence” remains hazy. And there are as […]

By Chris Case
August 20, 2020

124 // How to map out your season, with Toms Skujins, Kiel Reijnen, Joey Rosskopf, and Larry Warbasse

Today, we’re digging into the archive for some season-planning knowledge. Why now when our seasons have been demolished? Because it’s never too early to start soaking in the wisdom of seasoned veterans on how to best map out any season, particularly next year’s.  Trevor did several great interviews with four top pros—Toms Skujins, Kiel Reijnen, […]

By Chris Case
August 12, 2020

123 // Performance gains and adaptations from fasted training, with Dr. Brian Carson  

Have you ever woken up early in the morning to go for a ride, skipped breakfast, and thought, “I wonder if that was bad for my training? Or maybe it was good?!” In today’s episode, we try to decipher if there are any advantages or disadvantages to occasionally riding, or exercising in general, in a […]

By Chris Case
August 6, 2020

122 // Mission impossible: determining your true threshold

What is it that is nearly universally included in every piece of correspondence we receive? It’s some indication of a listener’s “threshold.” Often that figure is stated as if it is an absolute or as if it’s 100-percent accurate. And that’s what we want to address today: How accurate are these numbers, really? It turns […]

By Chris Case
July 30, 2020

121 // Should you build the best engine or focus on specificity, with Jim Miller

I’ll set the stage for today’s episode with an analogy. And apologies to those of you who don’t enjoy our car engine analogies; alas, we’re sticking with it on this episode. We ask the simple question: Which has the greatest chance of consistently producing the best performances: a powerful, finely-tuned, race-inspired engine—take your pick from […]

By Chris Case
July 22, 2020

120 // Q&A on FTP testing, structuring recovery weeks, and the sustainability of base training, with guest coach Steve Neal

Today Coach Connor and I are joined by Coach Steve Neal of The Cycling Gym, which now resides exclusively in the virtual world: The Cycling Gym. Let’s get into the questions.  Our first question comes from Dan S., as a follow-up to episode 113 on recovery period lengths: “What do you make of the FTP test […]

By Chris Case
July 17, 2020

119 // How to use data to make better training decisions, with Tim Cusick

Today we’re taking a good long look at training metrics. We’ve released previous episodes on how to use different numbers, what many of them mean, and how they’re calculated. Today, we tie it together into one package, with a master of data analytics, Tim Cusick, who is not only the product leader for TrainingPeaks’ WKO […]

By Chris Case
July 17, 2020

118 // Q&A on sweat rates, going polarized for ’cross, VLAmax, big gear work, and recovery tools, with guest coach Grant Holicky

In today’s Q&A episode we invited coach and co-owner of Forever Endurance, Grant Holicky, to join us for a lengthy discussion on a myriad of topics. First, we converse about sweat rates. Ernest Boskovic references our discussion in episode 111 with Dr. Cheung, and asks several intriguing questions. (It makes us believe we’ll soon invite […]

By Chris Case
July 1, 2020

117 // The Art of Cornering and Descending, with Emile Abraham

You might not think of cornering as science—after all, the title of this episode is the art of cornering—but today we’ll try to hit the subjects of cornering and descending from many sides. Obviously, there’s plenty of physics involved in making a bike arc through a sweeping bend. We’ll tell you all about the forces […]

By Chris Case
June 24, 2020

84 // Pro training tips with George Bennett

A few episodes back, Trevor and I interviewed George Bennett of Jumbo-Visma, who at one point was sitting fourth at this year’s Tour de France. At the time, we talked with George about the importance of recovery and adaptation. In the course of that conversation, we talked with George about how he was managing his […]

By Chris Case
September 27, 2019