Jana Martin

Jana Martin

Education: B.S. in broadcast news journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Jana has a passion for learning and sharing information as it leads to growth and the discovery of new opportunities. As a former competitive figure skater, she understands the challenges that dedicated athletes experience in training and competition. No stranger to the saddle, Jana completed her first three-week bike tour along the southern coast of Spain in 2017. Riding up the mountains outside of Tarifa with saddlebags full of camping gear has given her great appreciation for the difficulty of a long-haul climb.

She was a private and group ice skating coach at the YMCA of Boulder Valley for over eight years. In 2012 she graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.S. in Broadcast News Journalism and worked as the Producer of “The Aaron Harber Show” TV program for seven years before joining the Fast Labs team.

She’s a Colorado native and enjoys living in the mountains with her partner and their little dog.

Jana is the producer of Fast Talk and all of the new Fast Labs Podcasts.